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Drone & FPV filming

Ground Visual Air is a sister site to which was started by Sam Moore who is a professional photographer and videographer that is always looking for new ways to expand his skill set.  With recent technology advancements in the UAV/Drone sector, and the ability to capture stunning photos and video from totally unique vantage points, this can be breathtaking. I am hugely passionate about photography and film, and being able to get the shot to the best of my ability is always important with every job undertaken.

For aerial filming 2 drones in the fleet can be used. The DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Mavic 2 pro. I do not use heavy lifter drones as portability is more important for the work I do and both these drones allow me to get flying within minutes and produce very high quality imagery.
Pfco accredited since 2015

Drone filming showreel

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